Financial AID/Scholarships

Financial AID/Scholarships

While it is easy for most domestic students to obtain some form of Federal (Government) Aid or university aid for their Bachelor’s level education, it is most often very difficult for international students to obtain aid in any form at Bachelor’s level. Hence, it is imperative that students who are financially sound or have brilliant academic background (including top-level scores in TOEFL/IELTS and/or SAT I and II) to consider further education at the bachelor’s level.

However, at the Master’s level, aid in several forms is available for international students. Almost 78% of students at the Master’s level in US universities get funding in some form or the other.

Financial aid and scholarships are limited, for Master’s level education in Australia, UK and Ireland. Some Canadian universities offer aid, based on merit and after reviewing the performance of students during the first semester.

There is one Australian Government scholarship available for Indian students – the International Post-graduate Research Scholarships (IPRS): government scheme, 300 scholarships, on merits basis, students must apply through the university. Australian universities and colleges may offer their own scholarships it could be in any level (under graduate, postgraduate, doctoral etc.) a student need to contact the institutions directly.

UK institutions offer thousands of scholarships and bursaries just for international students, while more than twenty-one thousand international students receive scholarship funding from the UK Government every year.

Most Doctoral level applicants get a complete tuition waiver along with a stipend or scholarship while pursuing their PhD programs in universities abroad. It is also possible for some universities to provide just the admission and no funding at all, based on their financial constraints and funding availability.

Applicants looking for aid are required to apply well before financial aid deadlines, with proper application material, College Application Essays, Recommendations, transcripts and other specified requirements, as prescribed by universities individually. For details about each of the above, please visit, For Students section.

Many students are concerned with the high costs of studying abroad. The cost of education could be anywhere between USD 10,000- USD 50,000 per year, depending on the program, level and country you choose. In addition to the tuition fee, students also need to plan for funds towards living expenses, books, health insurance, air tickets, transportation, etc.

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