A ‘Statement of Purpose’ as the name implies, has to provide your purpose, reasons and background details in the form of an essay/statement. Universities would like to know how you present yourself within this very important document. They are keen to know your background, your reasons for doing a particular program, your aspirations, your achievements and your future plans in order to consider you for admission into their program.

College Application Essays are what generally are asked for, by the Undergraduate Admissions Offices, with that particular name. For Graduate admissions, most universities ask either for an ‘Essay’ or a ‘State of Purpose’. At the Doctoral level, apart from an SOP, Universities require you to furnish a Research proposal as well.

For MBA programs in good B schools, multiple essays are normally required on various topics. Some schools ask for just two, whereas a few schools ask for more than six essays.

Couple of important features of these essays is that each essay will be on a particular topic or situation and with a word or a page limit. For example, you might be asked to mention one of the difficult issues you faced at the work front and how you overcame it. The limit prescribed could be within 450 words. Applicants are expected to make clear, precise essays, just on the topic given and within the mentioned size limit without deviation. Any deviation from the topic could affect admission chances adversely as admission committees consider such applicants to be incapable of meeting the prescribed standards. Also, the admission committee members would want to see how the essay is structured and how well organized the content is. Over and above this, they also check the language skills of the applicant, which will be a most important thing in their minds. Since programs like MBA require preparation of several reports, case studies, oral and written presentations at several levels etc. that could be globally competitive.

OVERSEAS HUT offers evaluation service of SOPs and essays, as part of their packages. The service is offered by experienced editors, who make a detailed study of the background of the student, the university and then edits the essays appropriately.

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