The Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test for most admissions in the United States. The school students seeking admission into undergrad course in the US and international students seeking admission in US colleges need to take this test.

The SAT® tests students’ reasoning based on knowledge and skills developed through their course work. SAT® is taken by students who aspire to go ahead for undergraduate (Bachelor’s) studies in USA, Singapore etc. It measures their ability to analyze and solve problems by applying what they have learned in school.

SAT exam is of two patterns:

SAT-I known as SAT General Test is of 3 hour 45 minute duration and comprises of three sections of multiple choice questions. These three sections are-

Reading section which analyses reading and analytical skills of a candidate through sentence completion and reading comprehension exercises.

Writing section which focuses on testing the grammar skills and word usage understanding of students.

Mathematics section which tests application skills of basic mathematical concepts such as algebra, arithmetic, geometry, probability, data analysis and statistics.

SAT-II which is also known as SAT Subject Test, allows a candidate to display their skills in a specific subject. Some universities and colleges ask for SAT Subject Test scores along with SAT general scores. SAT Subject Test becomes particularly important if a student is applying for majors in a specific subject.

In SAT II, students are required to select three subjects out of a list of 20 subjects like Social Science, World History, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc. SAT II is of 3 Hours & 50 Minutes duration and is a multiple choice exam, too.

SAT takes place for 6 or 7 times a year: in January, March, May, June, October, November and December. The fee is INR 4200 for general test and INR 5300 for subject test.

The SAT measures the skills you have learned in and outside your classroom during school days and measures how well you can apply that knowledge in undergrad courses.

The test consists of three sections.

  • Critical reading: this includes sentence completion and passage-based reading questions.
  • Mathematics: this includes multiple choice and student-produced response questions based on math that college-bound students typically learn during the first three years of high school.
  • Writing: this has multiple choice questions and a written essay.

Some colleges require the students to go ahead and take a Subject Test. The Subjects can be from literature, history, foreign languages, math, physics etc. Not all colleges ask for the same and it doesn’t become mandatory for students to give this test. Subject Tests measure your knowledge of particular subjects and your ability to apply that knowledge. Some of the U.S. colleges require or recommend one or more Subject Tests for admission or placement.

Colleges which don’t require Subject Tests will still take them into consideration, since the tests offer a better picture of your academic abilities. Subject Tests are also administered in the paper and pencil format. They contain multiple-choice questions and take one hour to complete. Each test is scored on a scale of 200-800.

Further details for both the tests could be found on and you can register for the tests on this site.

SAT-II Fees: 6200-7000 INR.

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