Study In Singapore


Singapore’s education system has always been ranked as one of the best in the world. With its transition to a knowledge-based economy, education is increasingly being seen as an indispensable key to career success in recent years. The education system in Singapore has a broad-based curriculum where entrepreneurship and innovation are an integral part of the curriculum. This education system promotes creativity and allows students to learn useful skills, allowing them to be better prepared for the challenges of the future.

By choosing to study abroad in Singapore, international students have an opportunity to not only be plugged into an education system that promotes excellence, but also be a part of a global community.

With top of the notch infrastructure and quality of education, it has become one of the most popular destinations for Indian students to pursue their higher education. Singapore has a huge settlement of Indian community. It has areas like Little India, Dhobi Ghaut Etc. which are hugely populated by Indians and a student going there from India will surely not feel out of place.


Hospitality in Singapore:

Singapore is a leading tourist destination with over 30 million tourists annually. It has over a 1000 hospitality companies catering to these 30 million visitors. With such huge market, there is a lot of scope for students to study and work in Singapore.

A lot of hospitality courses are integrated with internships and work opportunities for students who look at work-integrated learning opportunities. Being a financial hub of the world- offers great exposure and placements to candidates studying business and finance.

Business/Finance in Singapore:

Singapore is a triple A rated economy. Leading banks and trading firms have their Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore. It has some of the leading business schools in the world offering courses like MBA/MFA/Investment Banking etc.

Arts/Design in Singapore:

Singapore is home to some of the leading design institutes in the world. It is the confluence of design between east and west. Singapore is a leader in Urban planning and architectural designs. It’s one of the most technologically advanced countries in Asia and therefore provides exposure and expertise to students looking to pursue a career in art and design.

Intakes in Singapore:

There are three major intakes in Singapore – Feb / March, July / August and October / November


Work Opportunities in Singapore:

Singapore is one of the most preferred destinations to work. It one of the most multi-cultural destinations to work with leading global companies. Students pursuing Post-graduate studies are eligible for S/E Pass authorized by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore. Employers in Singapore sponsor the same to deserving candidates.

New applications are to be submitted at least 2 months but not more than 6 months from the course commencement date.

Students need to meet the minimum academic requirements before they can be admitted to a Singapore university or institution. Some courses require students to have work experience in order to be eligible for the course. Please consult our office for more details.


  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate Certificate or Diploma
  • Vocational Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters


·         Doctoral Degree.